This year, we have once more organized a race for our QED conference participants, which will be held on Sunday, May 17th, 2015. Alongside the traditional race, those who prefer other sport activities will be able to ride bicycle. Further details are available here.


“I, Grandpa” show to be held at this years QED

He’s in the best time of his life; vigorous, witty, entertaining, wise, caring, nostalgic, melancholy. He is a grandpa. A hilarious and touching confession from a man in his golden years, intended for all ages. You will have a chance to see “I, Grandpa” as part of this year’s QED program on Sunday, May 17th, 2015. You can view detailed information about this hysterical monodrama here.


LEAN UX workshop

With increasingly advanced functionality enabled by the surging web development industry, there’s a need for new, more efficient and flexible methods for application design and development.

Lean UX focuses on the quicker development of critical functionality and earlier user conception so that development can get on the right track right from the beginning. Supporting materials employed during development (drafts, mockups, wireframes, documentation) exclusively serve as tools, not as self reference for what is frequently known to function, and are used in individual phases for individual application components.

In this workshop, we will reconstruct the development process of an application’s interface and observe the inevitable problems encountered, what decisions to make and what methods to use in regards to those issues.

The workshop is intended for those who already are, or will in any way be involved in the development of software, from business analysis to final delivery.

Workshop leader: Mirna Majstorović



IT is a field that always changes from year to year. It’s extremely hard to say what our work, projects, tools and processes will look like in a few years, let alone five. We are constantly learning, adapting, and finding creative solutions not only for daily problems,  but strategic and long-term ones as well. Because of this situation, creativity is ever more so important in every workplace, regardless of its purpose or responsibility. The question is: can someone learn to be creative?

The education system readies young adults for the workplace on a large scale. Interaction between academic institutions and the workplace is now more important than ever before, so that people entering the workforce are ready to face the challenges that face both them and their future companies. Their work habits, attitudes, ability to work in a team, regard for authority, definition of success, desire to take responsibility of their own knowledge, and also creativity are shaped across the fifteen or more years of their education. If the objective of the education system is to usher in a new generation of creative and proactive individuals, in what ways is that system supposed function? What is being done well, and what changes are welcome, or even necessary?

In this round table discussion, we will give our guests a picture of the present and potential future creativity within higher education and try to agree how academics and industry can together prepare a new generation for the challenges that lay ahead.

Guest speakers:

Željka Car,  University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Pavel Gregorić, Department of Philosophy, Centre for Croatian Studies University of Zagreb

Dejan Vinković, PMF Split, Science and Society Synergy Institute

Hrvoje Šimić, CROZ



Closing keynote at QED will be the speech of one of the best known names in the international agile community – Andrea Tomasini. Andrea will talk about the evolution and change from the perspective of agile methodologies.

In his presentation he will refer to the entire process that a company must pass in order to become agile and he will point out all the advantages which being agile brings to the organization. We believe that this speech will encourage every business to do at least a tiny evolutionary step .

Speaker – Andrea Tomasini



When we thought about who could hold a keynote speech at this year’s QED given the theme of creativity and innovation, the first person that came to our mind was Grady Booch, one of the greatest innovators and philosophers of the software industry. The dream has become reality – Grady is coming to QED .

What  does it mean to be a software developer in todays world? What is expected of him to do (of course in a very short period of time)? Are lines of codes becoming software relics too fast? These are just some of the questions that will be addressed in Gradys presentation. We can’t wait it!

Speaker: Grady Booch