Sporting activities at QED

We know that QED enthusiasts are likewise enthusiasts of healthy living and recreational activities. As such, QED wouldn’t be the QED if there weren’t recreational activities included. Along with the traditional running race, new to the conference this year will also be a bike race for all our fitness buffs.

The sporting activities will take place in the forested park, Zlatni rt, the beloved domain of recreationists, athletes and nature-lovers.
Last year, we organized 2km and 4 km races; this year, we’ve raised the bar a bit and set the race distances for 2.5km and 5km. For participants that prefer cycling over running, we’ve secured a certain number of bicycles.

The pre-race meeting will take place on Sunday the 17th at 3:50 PM at the starting line – Lone Bay, the entrance into the park itself. We’ll be running the path along the water and back. There will be helpers handing out water and guiding the race participants at the start and at the turning point.

The start will be at 4:00 PM, and the race is intended to finish around 5:00 PM. Key points along the route will feature distance signs as well as helpers offering water bottles.

Proper footwear and running clothes are required for the race.

Runners and cyclists, see you at QED!