Mirna Majstorović


Mirna enjoys the process of designing, prototyping and development of user interfaces that are visually appealing, simple to understand and friendly to use, both on desktop and mobile devices. She does it in close collaboration with users, using various efficient techniques for gathering and analysing users’ needs, and standard graphical and development tools to create both low and high fidelity wireframes, mockups and prototypes. In the development phase of web application, she focuses on writing clean, reusable code that complies with web standards.

During her 5 years in the web industry she had roles in web-based product development, visual design, user interface design, front-end and back-end development, testing and optimisation, applying different technologies on number of projects from various business domains.

Lean UX workshop

With increasingly advanced functionality enabled by the surging web development industry, there’s a need for new, more efficient and flexible methods for application design and development.

Lean UX focuses on the quicker development of critical functionality and earlier user conception so that development can get on the right track right from the beginning. Supporting materials employed during development (drafts, mockups, wireframes, documentation) exclusively serve as tools, not as self reference for what is frequently known to function, and are used in individual phases for individual application components.

In this workshop, we will reconstruct the development process of an application’s interface and observe the inevitable problems encountered, what decisions to make and what methods to use in regards to those issues.

The workshop is intended for those who already are, or will in any way be involved in the development of software, from business analysis to final delivery.