Zvonimir Križ


Zvonimir Križ has 16 years experience in software development in military and the banking industry. For the last eight years he works as a team leader (10 + developers) on enterprise level online banking and teller application solutions. With a strong development background, he is very skilled in team leading, coordination, coaching and software architecture. Since 2009 he is practicing Scrum and other agile development techniques as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach. As a first CSM in Croatia, and co-founder and president of Agile Croatia,he is very active in agile community.

Presentation summary: Adapting to change through example

It’s virtually impossible to find a person who doesn’t think that quick and smart adaptation to change is an extremely important necessity for business success. And yet, in practice, many business proceedings don’t exhibit an understanding of this. Organizations frequently insist on pushing the original idea forward, even if it is obvious that a critical change has occurred and that their idea has been rendered obsolete.

Adapting to change is the very core of agile development. Agile development employs proficient adaptation in order to give a competitive advantage to the user.

In this presentation, we’ll introduce key adaptation techniques based on agile principals. And since it’s always easiest to learn through example, we’ll go through some positive and negative examples. With the help of some interesting cases, you’ll see how proficient adaptation can launch a company skyward, or how failing to adapt can launch a company into the ground.