Ivan Žugaj


Ivan Žugaj works at APIS IT, in the position of product development specialist at the strategic development Office. Before aquiring the position, he had many years of leading development teams, and later leading the entire development Sector within APIS IT. In the span of his career as a development engineer on mainframe and distributed systems, he gained a wide variety of technological and methodological experience. He has participated in numerous projects in different roles. His lasting occupation is to advance and optimize the development process on a grander scale, as well as working on the quality and standardization of systems. Recently, he has been enaged in introducing knowledge and innovation management in the organizational and Social Business fields.

Presentation abstract: Knowledge management at APIS IT

Introduction to conceptual and methodological preparation for establishing a knowledge management system in the corporation. A selection of APIS IT Knowledge Management frameworks. Description of preparation and implementation of the knowledge management project with roles and phases. First results and feedback from associates. Concrete experience with chosen and applied technology platforms for managing knowledge and innovation.

Within the presentation, realized scenarios of knowledge management will be exhibited.

At the end, plans for further expanding the systems will be presented – from both business and technological perspectives.