Primož Zupan

Primož Zupan

Primož Zupan has been working as Idea Manager, Head of Halcom Studio since October 2013. He is responsible for Idea management in all areas: the selection and development of the best ideas into the best prototypes and from the best prototypes into the best products. As Idea Manager, he supports company innovators in the development and prototyping processes of their approved ideas by guiding them, finding the right project members to get the prototype ready and promoting the prototype together with product managers for future end customers. In 2014, he has started the innitiative Halcom = HIP! (House of Innovative People) that supports the internal development of innovation culture within Halcom.

He has been previously employed as a Sales Manager, Head of Minister’s Cabinet and a Sales Representative. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Sociology – Human Resources Management at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana.

Presentation summary:  How does idea management look in practice? What is the role of idea manager?

WHY? Innovative (lean) Idea management and Development of the best innovative ideas are key substances for every company to succeed as market leader of tomorrow. Halcom is aware of this and has therefore started the initiative Halcom = HIP! (House of Innovative People!). In middle of 2013 the first step was organizing a new unit Halcom studio (HS), to give a special impact, push and support to development of the best innovative ideas (internal and external). The whole process is supported on IT platform and managed by Idea manager, who makes sure that HS is building the two bridges: 1st-Internal, from idea to prototype (creating innovative culture) and 2nd External, from prototype to commercial product (creating and satisfying future market needs).

Beside the technical part, the most important is the impact on people: The first results are astonishing! They all waited for such an opportunity eagerly: From 120 employees we have received 60 ideas in 2013, confirmed 30, developed 15, 6 of those were prototypes. In 2014 the numbers rose: 71 received ideas, confirmed 37, developed 19, 10 of those were prototypes. We also received ideas from innovators outside! All results show that sources invested in HIP! are paying off! Not only in products, also in organizational climate, behaviour, culture and our values: Creativity, Flexibility, Openness, Joy of Work and Responsibility.

The presentation will show Halcom’s best practices in Idea Management and provide a detailed view of the Idea manager role within the process.