Mura Kokotović


Mura Kokotović is part of a dynamic triumvirate that takes care of people, knowledge, skills, business needs, technological trends, personal affinities and general satisfaction at CROZ. Her professional mission is to create a project dream team (and then try to repeat it on the next project). She’s also part of the Project Management Office, which is the heart of CROZ’s drive. She’s has a degree in philosophy and ethnology and after 8 years of living with software engineers, she can understand what the problem with update 31 for Java 8 and SSLv3.0 is.

Presentation description: Tashi: CROZ’s homegrown magic

Once upon a time, there was a tool from IBM called RPM (Rational Portfolio Management). This tool was the subject of much “could be better” developer grumbling. One day, on our LMI (LikeMyIdea), an idea appeared, stating that we could create our own timesheet which said developers would use instead. All that was needed was: 1 Code Quest, 3 Code quest participants from FER, 1 Hrvoje Šimić, 1 Regi, alot of analysis and testing, and 1 dog. A few months later, we got Tashi, CROY’s favorite timesheet.