Korado Korlević


Korado Korlević is a Croatian astronomer. He is a prolific discoverer of asteroids (1197 as of January 2007, ranging from 7364 Otonkučera to (137971) 2000 CQ39) and has also discovered two comets: 183P/Korlević-Jurić and 203P/Korlević.

Korlević became active in astronomy during his college years in Pula, where he became active within a local amateur astronomical society. He spent the next few years honing his art, by making telescopes and teaching others, including teaching posts at the Amateur Astronomical Society of Višnjan. In 1981 Korlević was qualified with a B.Sc. from the pedagogical faculty of Rijeka. Towards the end of the 1980s, after some time teaching at polytechnic schools, he co-founded the Yugoslav School of Astronomy, later known as the Višnjan School of Astronomy.

Within this organisation he was able to study meteors and asteroids more seriously, and played a central role in the forming of the International Meteor Organisation as the organization formed. Korlević participated in the first International Tunguska Expedition. Motivated by new lines of research raise by this expedition, Korlević set about replacing the Višnjan Observatory’s telescope, which had been badly damaged during the Serbian occupation of Croatia and Bosnia. In particular, the telescope was sent to Sarajevo to help the defenders during the Siege of Sarajevo. In 1995 this new telescope produced the first astrometric line, and soon Korlević and his colleagues had discovered previously undiscovered asteroids, a big breakthrough for Croatian astronomy.

The Višnjan team have built a new observatory some 4 km away in Tićan to continue their work on Near Earth Objects (NEO). On the Tićan site they have also built the world’s largest Schumann Antenna. They’ll use this to prove that meteors penetrating the ionosphere have a significant effect on Schumann resonances.

For his work, he was awarded with a numerous international and Croatian awards.

He’s a frequent speaker on astronomy topics, but also on innovation, complex systems and creativity.

Presentation summary: Creativity
When you’re competing , when you are building an innovation team or company, the only real difference between you and the others is the creative potential of your company in comparison to others. Once, the general idea was that the creative people are a exceptional resource, now we think that creativity is a not a rare resource, but it is not always visible. The human creativity is usual buried under layers of fears, respect, conformism, …….. and to have it visible and operative some methods are develop to free it and drive it.