Goran Kruljac


Goran Kruljac is a SW architect manager with years of experience in different aspects of IT in banking and government sectors. Over the course of his career, he has worked on architecture and  implementation of portal technologies, service oriented architecture and business process management solutions. For number of years He was leader of an international team of architects working on projects in central and eastern Europe and was responsible for the process of strategic development and customer support in CEE region for new and innovative domains, specially CAMS (Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social). In January 2015, he was appointed as Technical Manager for Cloud Business Unit, IBM CEE. He was a leader of IBM CEE Technical Leadership Council and is still actively involved in development of overall IBM’s CEE technical team.


Presentation summary: Cloud for Innovation

Cloud computing has moved from an emerging technology to an accepted computing strategy. With closer investigation it’s easy to find many of enterprises, whether commercial, financial or government institutions already use some type of Cloud services with rapid trends of growth. Same organizations are faced with big challenges from budgeting and competition perspective that is leaving very little space for exploring and developing new services and business models.

Although initially targeted as infrastructure play, over the time Cloud has developed into many different models. From Infrastructure, Platform to Business Process ‘as a Service’, it is implicating changes on different levels, including how applications and services are developed and implemented. Platform as a Service is giving more and more power to the developers by integrating development tools and large number of ready services with platform to test and run final application. It also enables them to experiment and play with new technologies that they might not have considered in the past, bringing new ideas and innovation into the game.

This presentation will show how IBM Bluemix, as digital innovation platform, can bring new ideas and services to life fast and easy, how can bring new level of productivity, extend capabilities and ability to innovate. But this cannot be brought just through technology, it is enabled through different methodologies and practices, reaching and integrating different parts of the organizations beyond IT. Through presentation we’ll show some of the successes and ways how customers are already using Bluemix and PaaS delivering new exciting and innovative services.