Damir Prusac


Damir Prusac is currently leading R&D operations within the Unit ICT for Industry and Society at Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d. in Zagreb, Croatia. He focuses on ICT solutions within eBusiness, eHealth domains, as well as platforms for machine to machine communication. In his career, Damir has been working in various organizations across Europe, working with different product lines in telecommunication portfolio, from research to product development, product maintenance and customer support. Damir is one of the pioneers, and nowadays a passionate practitioner in lean and agile SW development. He gives lectures about Scrum at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb.  He also eagerly promotes lean and agile principles and practices within the community and wider society, being the vice president of the Agile Croatia Association.

Presentation summary: The Lean and Agile (anti) Patterns

Creating the real responsive, flexible, efficient and effective organization is about contemporary practices which nowadays find foundation in agile and lean methodology. It is important to understand the principles that those practices are based on, and the culture created upon these principles. Such a culture is supported and sustained with the climate that is built in into the something characterized as agile leadership, which is not exclusively reserved for people called managers. While being hard to build with common principles, the culture is easily ruined with some behavioral anti-patterns.

With a simple behavioral model that will be presented, this talk tries to present guiding principles, but also to unfold the leading anti-patterns, and their effect on the growth and transformation towards the agile organization.